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Indian Law

A Star Quilt
Gift of the Clairmont Family
  • Tribal Governance
    • Draft and Establish Codes and Laws relating to self-governance
    • Labor & Employment
      • Develop tribal employment policies & procedures
      • TERO
      • Investigations for human resources
    • Tax Agreements
    • Elections
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Sovereignty
  • Indian Gaming
    • Tribal Government representation before National Indian Gaming Commission
    • Gaming regulatory compliance
  • Indian Child Welfare
    • Represent tribal social services in State and Tribal Court proceedings throughout Minnesota on cases involving tribal children
    • Represents parents of tribal children in child protection proceedings
    • National Indian Child Welfare Act training
  • Land Tenure
    • Assist in tribal acquisition of both trust and free land
    • Heirship issues
    • Estate planning needs related to trust land
    • Leases and land use planning
    • Fee to trust applications to the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Business Development
    • Form tribally-owned/chartered corporations
    • Form joint ventures between tribally-chartered corporations and other tribal and non-tribal corporations
    • Develop financing structure for tribal projects
    • Draft and review management and operations agreements
    • Tax counsel
    • Real Estate development projects
  • Tribal Court
    • Tribal Court Development
    • Prosecutions on behalf of tribal governments in tribal court
    • Public defender in tribal court
    • Representation of tribal and non-tribal members in tribal court in criminal matters
    • Representation of tribal and non-tribal members in family court matters in tribal court
    • Per Capita garnishment defense
    • Representation of tribal social services in tribal court